Binational Health Week is a mobilization of efforts by community organizations, federal and state agencies, and volunteers to improve the health and well-being of the Latin American migrant population in the United States, which is conducted annually in all 50 states of the American Union.


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  1. Mobilize clinics and community organizations to offer their services especially to the Mexican population in the United States.
  2. Promote disease prevention and health promotion activities designed for migrants and their families.
  3. Provide information to migrant families in the United States about available health resources and services in your area.

Opening Binational Health Weeks through the time

  1. Los Ángeles, California, USA

    First Binational Health Week, 2001

    Los Ángeles, California, USA, October 2001, included an Academic Forum on Migrant Health. This SBS was attended by more than 115 organizations from seven counties, allowing 18.720 offer direct health services to at least 217,000 people.

    “Paisano, your health is an important as your work”

  2. Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico

    Second Binational Health Week, 2002

    It took place in October 2002, the inaugural event was in Michoacán, Mexico. It conducted a Binational Workshop for the Migrant Health, attended by over 150 binational representatives of government institutions, migrant organizations and academic institutions.

    “Health without borders”

  3. Los Angeles, California, USA

    Third Binational Health Week, 2003

    Was held from 12 to 19 October 2003 in at least 13 California Counties. The Forum on Public Policies on Health and Migration was held on 16 and 17 October in the city of Los Angeles, California, where they discussed issues of diabetes, farmworker health, infectious diseases, binational insurance and migrant health research topics.

    “Even though you're far away, you're not alone”

  4. Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

    Fourth Binational Health Week, 2004

    October 2004, involving 15 States of the American Union and very prominent Mexican States along the northern border through Border Health Commission Mexico - United States. Similarly, noted the enthusiastic participation of 34 consulates of Mexico in the United States. The Binational Policy Forum on Migration and Health was held on 11 and 12 October, in the city of Leon, Guanajuato. The inaugural event was held in the cities of Sonora, Nogales, and Arizona, on Tuesday October 12. The event was chaired by Dr. Julio Frenk, Mexico's Health Secretary and the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the United States of America, Mr. Tommy G. Thompson. An estimated 140,000 people benefited with health actions undertaken there. This time it was attended by the then President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada.

    “Health has no borders”

  5. Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Fifth Binational Health Week, 2005

    From 8 to 17 October 2005, attended by 27 U.S. American States and three Canadian provinces. Also 45 Consulates of Mexico in the United States and 3 in Canada participated, plus Mexico embassies in both countries. The Forum on Public Policies on Health and Migration: Health Transnational Mexican Migrants in the United States: Communication for Action was held in the city of Chicago, Illinois, on 11 and 12 of October. In Mexico, involving 28 of the 32 states of Mexico, comprising 395 municipalities. The activities and materials reached 1'350, 000 people were 72,010 medical examinations performed on them, were developed trainings 1,764 through 156 health fairs and 76 mobile units, distributed over 500,000 informational materials on health. In the U.S. and Canada reported that activities were carried in 231 cities is estimated that these actions amounted to 238,000 persons, mostly of Mexican origin, in both countries. It held 792 events in 27 states of the American Union, in the District of Columbia, and three Canadian provinces.

    “Health in Motion”

  6. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

    Sixth Binational Health Week, 2006

    Was held from 8 to 15 October 2006 in the city of Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico. Also, the closing took place in the city of Los Angeles, California on Friday October 13. The Forum on Public Policies on Health and Migration to be held in the framework of the Binational Week aims to promote and strengthen collaboration, communication and partnership between community organizations, government agencies, research institutions and universities on both sides of the border, to create networks of action to deliver sustainable solutions to the health needs of Mexican migrants in the United States. It was estimated that about 300,000 people participated in 1,014 activities were 49,349 and laboratory tests in the U.S. and Canada. Other 386,000 people benefited most and 235,000 were performed laboratory tests for the activities carried out in 23 states.

    “Health is joy”

  7. Los Angeles, California, USA

    Seventh Binational Health Week, 2007

    Was held from 14 to 16 October 2007, Los Angeles, CA, USA, the closing took place in Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico on Friday 19 October. This time more than 6,000 people in the community involved conducting workshops, conferences and seminars on health to an estimated 300,000 people, where the participation of hometown associations, government agencies, researchers and universities, both the United States and Mexico made a great mobilization conducting prevention and health promotion.

    “Your health, your future”

  8. Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico

    Eighth Binational Health Week, 2008

    Was held from 6 to October 10, 2008, in the city of Zacatecas, Zac. Mexico. As part of this took place the Forum on Public Policies on Health and Migration which had the participation of more than 50 experts in the areas of: infectious diseases, health care in the United States, children and women migrants, medical insurance, health and safety at work, mental health, binational collaboration, emergency preparedness, infectious and chronic degenerative diseases, HIV-AIDS, to name a few.

    “Your health is your life”

  9. Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico, USA

    Ninth Binational Health Week, 2009

    From 4 to 15 October 2009 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA In this issue further efforts were achieved between the community through existing resource mobilization and organization of volunteers working together toward a goal. Events held more than 5,000 over the American Union, benefiting over 750,000 people raising awareness of health care issues particularly influenza virus A (H1N1), emergency preparedness, prevention, addiction, nutrition, ecology, chronic degenerative diseases, HIV / AIDS. Similarly more than 300 experts from six countries shared their experiences and discuss the new challenges faced by migrants regarding their health.

    “Give a hand to our health!”

  10. Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico

    Tenth Binational Health Week, 2010

    From 3 to October 14, 2010 in the city of Guanajuato, Gto., Mexico held the Opening Ceremony. During this week we had the participation of nine Latin American countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Canada and Bolivia, to engage in prevention and health promotion for the benefit of migrants in Mexico and the United States. Thus more than 3,500 activities were carried out for the benefit of migrants through talks, workshops, medical examinations to ensure access to health services. It had the cooperation of Mexico's consular network in the United States, coupled with the cooperation of 15,000 volunteers that increased knowledge for the benefit of his health issues such as addiction prevention, emergency preparedness and nutrition, to name the most important. More than 750,000 people received this information directly. The Closing of this X Edition, held in Sacramento, CA. USA.

    “Health beyond borders”

  11. San Antonio, Texas, USA

    Eleventh Binational Health Week, 2011

    The inaugural event and the Forum on Public Policies on Health and Migration took place on 3 and 4 October 2011 in San Antonio, Texas The Eleventh Binational Health Week was held from 1 to 16 October 2011 in the United States and Canada. According to information provided by the coordinators of the local planning committees, it is estimated that nearly 500,000 people benefited through 3,641 7,500 activities of agencies and 15,000 volunteers, under the direction of 150 consulates working in coordination with 174 committees planning. In addition, 500 articles were published about the event in the print media, which means that several million people received health education messages. Also, five were implemented awareness campaigns for the Latin community on topics: Women's Health, Mental Health, Infectious Diseases, Chronic Diseases and Access to Health Care Services.
    The Closing Ceremony was held on October 17, 2011 in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

    “Cheerful walk for your health”

  12. Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico

    Twelfth Binational Health Week, 2012

    The opening ceremony and the Forum on Public Policies on Health and Migration took place on September 29 and October 1 and 2 in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca. The closing ceremony happened in El Paso, Texas on October 15. The entire event took place in over more than 300 cities and communities located in 40 states of the United States and 3 Canadian provinces. It was estimated that more than 400,000 people received health information, more than 2,00 activities on prevention and promotion of health took place, and also 300 health fairs, 100 clinics and hospitals, 300 educational seminars, and close to 13,000 vaccines applications occurred during the event. More than 4,500 agencies and 10,000 volunters participated in the event and more than 100 mobile units carried services to remote places.

    “Health first is love”

  13. Washington DC, USA

    Thirteenth Binational Health Week, 2013

    Under the slogan “Life is Health” the XIII Binational Health Week and Forum on Public Policies on Health and Migration were inaugurated on October 1 in the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington D.C. Approximately 150 people attended the event, including health services public servants, academicians, members of civil society and the general public. During two weeks and with the participation of 6,755 organizations of health in more than 300 cities in 40 states in the Unites States and 3 Canadian provinces, over 217,511 health services were offered in benefit of more than 255,151 people through seminars, fairs, conferences, medical attention and health training. Also, through Ventanillas de Salud, the Mexican consulates in the Unites States and associated agencies, the public was informed about preventive and promotion of health actions.

    “Health is life”

  14. San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

    Fourteen Binational Health Week, 2014

    The inauguration of the XIV Binational Health Week and Forum on Public Policies on Health and Migration took place in the city of San Luis Potosí, Mexico on October 6, 2014 in the Cultural Bicentennial University Center hosted by the Health Services department of San Luis Potosí. The event was attended by 261 health services public servants of the federal and state level, as well as students and academicians, civil organizations and other Latin-American countries. In 2014, 3,500 agencies headed by 133 consulates and 178 committees oversaw 1600 activities and offered more than 223, 000 free medical services including arterial pressure, glucose, cholesterol exams, mammographies and around 40,000 vaccines were applied benefitting more than 400,000 people.

    “Health is movement”

  15. Oakland, California, USA

    Fifteen Binational Health Week, 2015

    The inauguration of the XV Binational Health Week and Forum on Public Policies on Health and Migration took place in the city of Oakland, California, on October 5, 2015 in the California Endowment Foundation. The opening ceremony was attended by the Mexican Secretary of Health, Dr. Mercedes Juan and the Secretary of the California Human Services and Health Administration, Dian Dooley.
    During SBS 2015, thanks to the leadership and coordination of consular network of Mexico in the United States, the participation of federal and state agencies, volunteer support and participation of the consulates of countries in Central and Latin America, 1,780 organized health events, including exhibitions, conferences, lectures and sporting events. Approximately 325,600 people attended events (65% female, 35% male). About 4,000 organizations and 11,000 volunteers joined this effort and some 60,000 screening and health services including offered: glucose, cholesterol, body mass index, blood pressure, HIV, mammograms, breast exams, Pap tests, dental check-ups, vision, bone density, mental health, flu vaccines, and health insurance enrollment, among many others.

    “Fifteen years working for your health”

  16. Tonatico, Estado de Mexico, Mexico

    Sixteen Binational Health Week, 2016

    From October 3 to 21, 2016 during the sixteenth edition of the SBS, the Mexican Consulates in the USA and Canada held hundreds of events on disease prevention, access to health services, mental health, chronic diseases, communicable diseases and health of the woman; To which were added the efforts of Latin American countries.
    For the development of the activities, 4680 agencies and 7000 volunteers participated; Benefiting approximately 240,000 people. The inaugural ceremony took place on October 4, 2016 in Tonatico, State of Mexico. The event was attended by Dr. José Narro Robles, Secretary of Health, Dr. Eruviel Ávila Villegas, Constitutional Governor of the State of Mexico, in addition it counted with the participation of Mr. César Nomar Gómez Monge, Secretary of Health of the State of Mexico and Ana Cecilia Peralta Cano, Municipal President of Tonatico.

    “Because the right to health has no borders”

  17. San Bernardino, California

    Seventeenth Binational Health Week, 2017

    October 29th, 2017 at "Indian Springs" High School in San Bernardino, California, there was the important participation of Linda University, Molina Healthcare and Tzu Chi Medical Foundation.

    Within the Binational Health Week, from October 2nd to 31st, 2017, the Consulates of Mexico in the US and Canada, in collaboration with approximately 6359 civil organizations, held about 1632 events focused on issues of access to health services, mental health, chronic diseases, communicable diseases and women's health; as well as various activities on disease prevention and health promotion; that benefited 205,843 people.

    “Health unites us all”

  18. Portland, Oregon

    Eighteenth Binational Health Week, 2018

    The opening ceremony of the XVIII Binational Health Week was celebrated on October 6th in the city of Portland, Oregon.

    The activities carried out during the Binational Week had the participation of local partners, thousands of volunteers and health authorities at the state, county and city levels. During the event approximately 33,200 services were provided to more than 238 thousand people through more than 930 activities related to disease prevention and health promotion in the 56 Mexican Representations in the United States and Canada.

    The closing ceremony was held by the Consulate of Mexico in Salt Lake City on October 26th and 27th, at the forum “Building an alliance for Hispanic health in Utah” and a community health fair in the city of Midvale, Utah .

    “Healthy mind, healthy life”